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"Medical Management Resources has literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and frustration. In my personal injury practice, I have outsourced my medical records/bills acquisition to MMR 100%. No longer is my paralegal or I on the phone for hours on end with health care providers trying to figure out how to acquire records and bills for our clients. MMR has the connections and the resources to obtain everything in a fast, efficient, and inexpensive manner. Because of MMR, there is no reason for me or my staff to ever deal with the hassle of medical records acquisition ever again. I wholeheartedly recommend MMR. They have changed my practice and now I can spend more time doing what I do best, representing my clients. "

K. Matthew Long, Esq.
Bowen Ten Cardani, PC

"MMR provides services that are extremely valuable when preparing demand packets in personal injury cases. MMR can assist in navigating and organizing large quantities of medical records and prepare summaries to assist insurance adjusters to understand and properly evaluate claims. MMR provides fast professional services that increases the cases value and helps get cases settled quicker. "

Jonathan Kazem, Esq.
Kazem Law, PLC